Let your code do
the talking.

not where you went to school
not how well you interview
not who you know
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Your Dream Job Finds You

At Code Pilot, we want to change the hiring process. An engineer should be judged on their talent, and this is important as it makes a lot of things irrelevant. There is no need for a CV, a cover letter, a phone screen or a technical interview if we can measure and articulate your skills.

Build your portfolio

Why Pilots Fly With Us

One dynamic portfolio to rule them all

Integrate all your siloed technology platform profiles to leverage your existing skills and data to complement your dynamic portfolio and receive deep industry insights.

Proprietary assessments to highlight capabilities

Code Pilot assessments highlight your technical chops, preferences, behavior, desired role and responsibilities to validate your skills and jump the line.

Alfred "Codey" Ingram at your service

Your intelligent assistant is on the flight deck. A.I. Codey uses data science, machine learning, and your preferences to bring your dream job to you.

Your Dream Job Finds You

No resumes, no phone screens, not who you know - your code does all the talking.

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