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Code Pilot helps you hire software engineers intelligently. We want more companies hiring engineers based on their talent, so we've created Code Pilot Test Manager that accelerates technical skill validation with quality testing for free.

Our proprietary tests measure technical theoretical knowledge and practical ability. We grade all the tests in which a candidate passes, and provide the data to companies in a easy to view format which is totally transparent.

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What makes our tests better?

Our proprietary assessments are live environments that tests a candidate's ability to work across distinct technologies and across different domains.

We grade these candidates using state of the art tools that enable us to calculate what we call their "Code Pilot" score, which is actually a combination of data points which tells us how adaptable the engineer is to new engineering challenges and tasks.

Test Manager

Code Pilot Test Manager allows you to unify and organize testing efforts across your organization.

Better organize candidate cohorts, of any size

Compare candidates in a single pane of glass

Cut the noise and amplify the signal

Connect with validated candidates that can hit the ground running

We harvest the complete telemetry and keystroke data to gain deeper insights such as does the candidate "churn their code" - a habit that is known to increase the likelihood of bugs being introduced into the system. We then compare the results of the candidate to every other assessment taken creating an accurate representation of where this particular candidate sits on the talent bell curve.

Team Analytics

Our powerful analytics dashboard allows teams to analyze candidates results to make informed hiring decisions and better manage performance data.

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